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Interested to get really good, high resolution images from your XL?? Our Saturn system is the right system for you. It has the highest quality-to-cost ratio on the market. take a look at the following sample bitmaps: a hires scan and an extraction (of still 1000×800 pixels!):             Recommend on […]

We currently have two Saturn systems left in stock !   You will get a huge! 15% discount on the system price   if you place your order before December 31st, 2014!   Interested ? Contact us via our contact form! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Subscribe to the comments on this post

With a passive system you are definetely stuck with the limitations of the SEM scan generator : the scan modes were not designed with digital imaging in mind they are fixed, no way to adapt them to your needs the micron bar info has a non-negligible error in the range of 5..9% very often the […]

An new exciting feature has been added to the Saturn system: it gives you the opportunity to rise the accuracy of the measurements to typically 0.5% ! Thanks to extended calibration routines, you can get rid of the influence of the spot size of acceleration voltage. And the final pixel distortion (error between the X […]