With a passive system you are definetely stuck with the limitations of the SEM scan generator :

  1. the scan modes were not designed with digital imaging in mind
  2. they are fixed, no way to adapt them to your needs
  3. the micron bar info has a non-negligible error in the range of 5..9%
  4. very often the beam resolution does not match the bitmap resolution
  5. you have no control on the residual noise as you have no control on the scan time.

But using our active system brings you many new features and capabilities :

  1. nearly unlimited freedom in defining your image size – and frame time!
  2. you get a reliable micron bar info at the bottom of your bitmap (error level <<1%)
  3. you get a bitmap size that matches your scan resolution
  4. you have a set of tools for enhancing your job productivity on the SEM

The only goal when working on a SEM is to produce images; annotation, archving is done later, on another workstation, as working on a SEM costs $$$ and many people use it…

And our Saturn system is good, at a very affordable price.