Orion is a passive acquisition system for your SEM, as it just tracks the scanning signals coming out of the SEM to deliver a high quality bitmap. The size and resolution of the bitmap are defined by the characteristics of the SEM scan generator: in other words the resulting number of pixels and overall bitmap quality depend on the scan generator.

Orion is totally reconfigurable in order to precisely match the characteristics of the SEM scanning : number of scan lines, scanning speed and scan X/Y ratio are taken into account during system setup in order to provide square pixels.

A very important feature – for safety and enhancing the bitmap quality – is the on-board full electrical isolation between the computer and the SEM. This guarantees full SEM security when the computer has a catastrophic failure for example, or when a grounding problem happens.

Orion works in both visual (continuous scan) and record (photo) modes, and the image is displayed in real-time on the computer screen in exact synchronism with the SEM scanning. In visual modes, frame averaging and integration techniques are available for enhancing the image quality when the sample is not charging.

Advantages : very simple to use and provides simple yet powerful tools to help you being efficient while working on your SEM. Quality guaranteed ! If you need more than passive acquisition and freedom to define your own image size, timing and quality, opt for a Saturn system.