Saturn is a USB-based that you can consider a fully programmable extension of your SEM scan generator.

We have discovered that many (very) good SEMs have a limited internal scan generator, that doesn’t give justice to the SEM column. Let’s take the example of the JEOL6100: this excellent machine provides high resolution at the beam level, the image resolution (in terms of pixels and lines) is poor compared to that of the beam.

These bitmaps below were all extracted from bitmaps acquired from a JEOL 6100. The left (first) one was grabbed from another frame acquisition system in record mode. The one in the middle was acquired with a passive Orion system in the same record mode, and the last one, on the right, was acquired using a Saturn system. Some differences exist between these three views, but it’s just because we didn’t concentrate on making exactly the same contrast & brightness adjustments.


So this shows that the resulting level of discrimination is very different between scan modes.The two extractions on the left were made from pictures acquired in the same photo mode, while the third one was extracted from an activeSaturn  scan mode. More info available on request.